• Eat before you drink.
  • Prep! How are you getting home? What’s your back-up plan?
  • Snack on some munchies while you drink.
  • Plan! How many drinks will I have?


  • Pace and Space – Pace yourself by alternating alcohol with non-alcohol drinks such as water, coffee or tea, juice, soda, mixers such as club soda or tonic water, or “virgin” drinks/non-alcohol beer. Get in the habit of “nursing” a drink.
  • Hydrate! Stay hydrated by drinking water.
  • Track – Keep track of how much you are drinking, how often and over what period of time. It only takes a couple of servings of alcohol to impair judgment and to be over the legal limit to drive.

Size it Up

  • Measure the alcohol in each drink.
  • Know the truth about serving size?
  • ONE SERVING of alcohol = 12 oz. of beer, OR 5 ounces of wine, OR a 1 ? ounce “shot”.

Other things to consider

  • Beware of “triggers” ? Avoid people or places that “trigger” a desire to drink more and for the wrong reasons.
  • Take on Temptation – Prepare yourself to handle urges or temptations to drink more.
  • Know your “No” ?Have a way to say “No Thanks” when you are offered a drink that you really don’t want.